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Torkild and Kwai were commissioned to develop our UK site for our range of cookers. Since then they also built the site for our Singapore Branch and are now in progress to build a third site.


"I am very impressed by the progress made in such a short period. I have to say it is easy to work with Torkild and Kwai. Communication is very smooth and good results come quick!"

Andrew Mellor, Delonghi Cookers UK
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Why arty farty design doesn't sell
(amazing short video + 8 lessons)

Alan Sugar slams into the pitfalls of arty farty design

Alan Sugar pulls no punches as he slams ad agencies that care more about arty farty design than content and messages that sell.  In this edited episode of the 1st series of The Apprentice, he's more annoyed than normal because it's his own product on the line.

Content that sell • why it's not about arty farty design from Kwai Yu on Vimeo.

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